Connecting WithYouth Groups

Talking to youth about marijuana isn’t easy, but we’ve created this kit to help youth group leaders facilitate a constructive discussion on marijuana. This kit is designed for counselors, teachers, after-school or extracurricular group leaders, youth mentors, substance abuse prevention professionals, local youth coalition leaders and other community organizations that serve young people. It’s designed to get youth talking about the goals that matter to them and how retail marijuana can get in their way.

This kit is meant for use in youth group environments. If you’re a parent who’s looking for tools designed to help you have effective conversations with your kids, visit

  • Youth Marijuana Prevention Group Activity

    This four-step activity kit includes everything adult mentors and youth facilitators need to lead a productive discussion about marijuana. Each group will establish goals, role-play scenarios and confront the potential consequences of underage retail marijuana use.

  • STEP 1: Get Informed

    The Adult Mentor and Youth Facilitator Guides are designed to help you prepare for your group discussion. These guides provide background information, detail roles and responsibilities, and offer helpful tips for success based on past sessions.

  • STEP 2: Start Talking

    Your kit starts things off with a Q&A session to help get everyone on the same page. This section helps get the conversation going by answering some of the most popular questions among youth about underage about marijuana use.

  • STEP 3: Get To Work

    The next step is to help youth identify short and long-term goals. Within this section each group discusses how marijuana can get in the way of the things that matter most. In addition, the kit provides a few real-life scenarios to think through, as well as guidelines for how youth can handle these situations.

  • STEP 4: Follow Through

    Encourage your group to tell us what they think. By rating their satisfaction with the Youth Marijuana Prevention Group Activity and sharing information about the session, we can better help youth Protect What’s Next.