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Marijuana retailers are sometimes the first place Coloradans and visitors go to learn about retail marijuana. That makes you a great resource for educating users about how to use it safely, responsibly and legally. But to help you talk with your customers, we’re providing resources and information specifically for you.

The kits below are designed for retail marijuana businesses with walk-in storefronts. The contents of the kits are meant for point-of-sale education on Colorado state laws and regulations specific to retail marijuana.

  • Recreational Marijuana Retailer Kit

    This kit is designed to help you encourage safe, legal and responsible marijuana use. Fill out the form below to order your kit and stay informed about further resources and information. Here’s what it includes:

  • Good to Know Colorado Retailer Kit Takeaway Cards

    Takeaway Cards

    Information cards for tossing into customers’ exit bags.

  • Good to Know Colorado Retailer Kit Window Cling

    Window Cling

    A '21+' sign to hang in the window of your retail location.

  • Good To Know Colorado Retailer Kit Tapestry


    Specially created for retailers, this educational yet beautiful tapestry can be hung in your retail space.

  • Good To Know Colorado Retailer Kit USB Drive

    USB Drive

    This thumb drive holds a Q&A animated video for use on waiting room TVs, tablets, computer monitors, or even added to your retail website.