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Marijuana 101

Marijuana’s culture is constantly evolving. We’ll help keep you up-to-date.

  • Methods of Consumption

    There are many ways of using marijuana, and each one affects users differently. No matter which method you’re using, take it slow and don’t take too much at once.

    • Smoking

      Usually via a joint, pipe or bong. This is the most common method of use.

    • Vaping

      Vaporizers heat marijuana to release its active THC and the vapor is inhaled.

    • Dabbing/Hash Oil

      THC extract from marijuana, also called hash oil, can contain up to 60-80% THC and may take effect very quickly. At this time, we do not know the potential safety risks of dabbing.

    • Edibles

      The effects of edibles, teas and sodas can take longer to peak, and last longer than smoking, causing users to sometimes consume too much. It can take up to four hours to feel the full effects, which can last up to ten hours. A serving size is 10 mg, so don’t start with more than that. Remember to start low and go slow.

    • Topicals

      Infused lotions, salves and balms are sold for localized pain and inflammation. They may treat skin problems or pain, but do not make the user feel high. They’re available at retail locations as well as medical.

  • Slang Terms for Marijuana

    Different cultures, communities and groups of friends have different ways of referring to marijuana. Here’s a growing list of some of the most popular terms in use today:

    • Weed
    • Pot
    • Ganja
    • Bud
    • MJ
    • Keef
    • Boom
    • Skunk
    • Gangster
    • Herb
    • Mary Jane
    • Trees
    • Joint
    • Reefer
    • Dank
    • Dank Krippy
    • Purp
  • Universal Symbol

    Starting fall 2016, the Colorado Department of Revenue requires that all new marijuana products use the universal symbol below on packaging and edible products. Educate yourself and your out of town guests about what this symbol means. Be sure to teach your kids not to eat or drink anything with this symbol. And remember to always store marijuana products safely.

    Here’s what else you should know about the new law:

    • The symbol must be on all marijuana product packaging in red. Additionally, the symbol must be stamped onto edibles (where possible) beginning October 1, 2016. However, stores have until December 1, 2016 to stop selling marijuana products without the symbol.
    • If you see a product with an “M” in the symbol, that product is considered medical marijuana and may be a much higher dose. Know your dose before you try the product!

    For more specific information on the new law, click here.

    Marijuana Universal Symbol